Worldline's insights into the future of payments and virtual spaces at Money 20/20

05 / 07 / 2023

Step into the realm of payment innovation as Niklaus Santschi, Head of Merchant Services at Worldline, takes centre stage at Money 20/20 Europe.

Amidst the ever-changing landscape of consumer behaviours, evolving regulations, and rapid technological advancements, Niklaus Santschi shares valuable insights on accepting payments quickly, securely, and with simplicity. Worldline's payment innovations have the potential to propel businesses into new realms of growth.

Niklaus shed light on key topics such as the transformative power of AI, the emergence of A2A payments, and the significance of omnichannel experiences in shaping the payment sector. With exciting developments on the horizon for 2023, Niklaus unveiled Worldline's achievements and milestones, underlining the company's ongoing global expansion and continued growth.

Technological advancements took centre stage, as Niklaus emphasised the rise of generative AI and its profound impact on the payment industry. As Worldline extends its global reach, Niklaus expressed the company's unwavering commitment to supporting clients worldwide. Seamless and reliable services, including comprehensive checkout support, efficient chargeback handling, and all-encompassing payment-related functions, take precedence.

Ultimately, Worldline's vision revolves around providing merchants with a unified portal, streamlining their operations, and offering a clear overview of their transactions, all within a seamless user experience.

About Niklaus Santschi

In 2022, Niklaus Santschi became Head of Global Merchant Services, with the goal to achieve firm results within a changing environment. Holding various leadership roles in the payments and fintech industry, he played a driving part in transforming incumbent card businesses into competitive and international payment service providers. In 2017, as CEO at B+S Card Service, Frankfurt, he created BS PAYONE by merging with the Kiel-based e-COM service provider PAYONE. Then, he managed the alliance with Ingenico Germany and formed PAYONE GmbH, a joint venture between Ingenico and German Savings Banks to become market leader in the DACH region and now a key asset of Worldline after the acquisition of Ingenico in 2020. From 2015, Niklaus acted as advisor and consultant for prestigious international companies, private equity firms and start-ups in the paytech sector. Previously, Niklaus was senior manager and as of 2011 CEO of SIX Payment Services and a member of the SIX Group Executive Board.

About Worldline

Worldline helps businesses of all shapes and sizes to accelerate their growth journey – quickly, simply, and securely. With advanced payment technology, local expertise, and solutions customised for hundreds of markets and industries, Worldline powers the growth of over one million businesses around the world. Worldline generated EUR 4.4 billion in revenue in 2022.