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Food Services Payments Suite

Step into the modern world of dining, where we transform payment into a seamless and delightful experience.

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Provide tasteful experiences to your customers.

Restaurants are all about convenience and creating meaningful moments.
With Worldline Food Services Payments Suite you can focus
on what you do best: serving your guests.

New challenges in food services.

The food service industry faces various modern challenges in its evolving landscape,
from rapidly changing consumer preferences to technology disruptions and shifting regulations.

A tailored approach: what side dish would you like?

Offer a customised strategy to address the unique needs and nuances of the food industry with Worldline Food Services Payments Suite. Build the approach that fits your needs to deliver optimal performance and customer satisfaction in a competitive landscape.

  • Customer focus

Our experts understand your market, can address its unique challenges, and align with your business model.

  • Ecosystem

Maximise your advantage with deep industry knowledge and global partnerships.

  • Inspiration

We provide valuable insights and best practices from various industries to help you tailor your business to each of your customers.

What's on the menu?

Discover Food Services Payments Suite at a glance. Everything is on the menu.
The best part? You get the full-course meal!

Real-time consolidated reporting.

With Worldline e-Portal as part of the Suite, benefit from one common reporting platform regardless of countries, channels and payment methods: real-time reports with advanced filters classified by categories fully customisable payment capture reports detailed omnichannel journeys financial reconciliation from acquirers.

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Onboarding made easy.

Enjoy a seamless onboarding with Worldline Food Services Payments Suite. Our straightforward API interface ensures quick franchisee integration, while a dedicated portal allows you to effortlessly expand touchpoints and introduce new payment methods.

Enjoy the autonomy of managing payment terminals directly, and rest assured our supportive team of experts will support you whenever needed. Get ready to simplify your franchise growth journey.

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Your benefits.

Worldline Food Services Payments Suite is specifically designed to cater to your restaurant business, ensuring exceptional experiences for your establishments. Whether you are a traditional restaurant, a food delivery service, or an online ordering platform, our comprehensive and adaptable solution has got you covered.