Scan & Pay

The self-checkout service that boosts customer satisfaction and revenue.

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Make shopping smart. Keep customers coming back.

Worldline Scan & Pay is a self-checkout service that cuts queues, improves customer satisfaction and boosts revenue. And that’s critical since customers these days want innovative payment solutions that make life easier. Three out of four people won’t even enter your store if they expect to wait to pay.

Your customers will thank you for it.

Scan & Pay is designed to match your ambition of boosting business, by boosting customer experiences. Customers just scan a QR code, pick up what they need and pay via smartphone – done! Zero queues, zero frustration. Scan & Pay opens in four seconds and if you’ve limited internet connection, there’s an offline mode. Fraud detection and prevention are also covered. 

Four steps to a successful shopping spree.

Scan & Pay is so simple to use that both you and your customers will see benefits straightaway. Customer satisfaction, visits, sales and loyalty are all improved by this simple four-step process.

  1. Your customer scans the QR code at the entrance of your store to open their app​.
  2. They scan the product barcode to add it to the digital cart​.
  3. They pay by phone online, via a dedicated payment terminal or your checkout.
  4. The customer leaves your store, happy and ready to return!

It’s simple. But it brings so many benefits. Including a happy customer.