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Smart Engage

The easiest way to interact with your customers.

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The customer engagement solution for merchants.

Optimise your in-store experience and interact in real-time with your customers.

In every transaction, it's crucial to foster positive interactions with customers. Smart Engage elevates your payment experience by enabling customers to conveniently share their feedback right at the checkout terminal.

Launch your personalised in-store campaigns whenever you want.


Do you want to survey your customers with different messages?

Picture having the power to engage customers with questions right as they make their in-store payments. Thanks to Smart Engage, you can now effortlessly and personally connect with your customers during this pivotal stage of their shopping journey.

Select the store, pick your preferred day, set the basket amount, and choose the hours that work best for you. You can even customise your message in the dedicated back office. The payment terminal transforms into a vital interaction tool, delivering genuine added value to your customer journeys.

Activate Smart Engage in only a few days.

Integrate our tool without involving your tech teams. Encounter any issues? Our team of experts is here to assist you. We work with you to define the structure of your distribution network, user list, and interface customisation. Once the project is defined together, we proceed with the service activation. You just have to create your first campaign and activate it whenever and wherever you want.

Collect real-time feedback and enhance your customer journey.

With Smart Engage, you can easily ask targeted questions to the customer, such as 'Are you satisfied with your in-store experience?' or request their satisfaction level using stars or smileys. You can also display a QR code to redirect your customers to a dedicated page. These various scenarios require just a few clicks and can be customised to your needs. The user interface is simple and intuitive for the customer to seamlessly integrate into their shopping journey.

Analyse your data in real time.

Activate your campaigns and monitor real-time results. Filter the data according to your specific requirements to view them by period, for a particular set of stores, or a chosen basket amount. The customer responses provide crucial insights into consumer satisfaction, empowering you to promptly optimise your sales channels and enhance the in-store customer experience.

Interacting with the terminal: your opinion.