financial institutions

125 M

cards under managements

10.3 BN

issuing processing transactions per year

10.5 BN

acquiring processing transactions per year

20.6 BN

account payments transactions per year


Business benefits for financial institutions

Flexible and scalable 
 payment solutions

Rely on flexible and scalable payment solutions, based on the service model that fits your strategy and fulfils your customers’ needs. 

Expansion in Europe 
 and beyond

Increase your revenues and improve efficiency by expanding your market coverage in Europe and beyond, and broaden your portfolio with new products and services. 

Risk, fraud and 
 cybercrime control

Protect yourself and your customers against the increasing risk of fraud and cybercrime by improving the level of accuracy in identifying and preventing financial crime. 

Operational excellence

Reduce the complexity of your legacy infrastructure and ensure operational excellence while complying with increasingly demanding regulatory requirements. 

End-to-end solutions

Benefit from having a partner who covers the complete card and payment value chains, and who is leading the way in next-generation solutions. 

Increased efficiency

Lower your cost base and free up resources by adapting your operating model, and benefit from competitive pricing thanks to economies of scale.

Enhanced innovation and 
 improved time-to-market

Accelerate innovations and shorten your time-to-market in order to meet and exceed the expectations of your customers.

Dynamic deployment 

Benefit from our flexible deployment options: software licensing, hosting, operational processing of your application or full business process outsourcing (BPO) services. 

Our solutions for financial institutions


Gain a competitive advantage in the fast- changing issuing market with a variety of products and services designed for each stage of the electronic payment value chain. Our Issuing solutions will suit all your needs – whether you insource or outsource.
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Account Payments

From payment initiation to processing, clearing and settlement, we are ready to support you. Benefit from our shared infrastructure and let us help you to simplify your back-office payment processing and address the growing complexity of the e-commerce world.
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Offer efficient payment processing to your retail customers while staying ahead of market developments. We can accelerate your acquiring business and enable transactions for a wide range of payment means and channels in multiple currencies.
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Digital Services

Strengthen your customer engagement and take advantage of the opportunities in the digital era. Our Digital Services solutions allow you to enrich your existing digital channels, boost your business and generate new revenue streams.
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Client testimonials


logo S-Bank
"During the implementation process, we found common working methods and are pleased with the current co-operation with Worldline. We recognize that by implementing this Worldline FRAMS solution on top of our existing platform, we’re benefiting from the expertise and software that was developed in-house by Worldline, that is also used by financial institutions across the entire continent."
Marketta Lundell
Head of Cards at S-Bank

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logo Knab
"In the past years, Worldline clearly demonstrated the effectiveness of their back-office portfolio and the benefits it brings for us. Therefore we decided to extend the existing partnership to also include the processing of SEPA Batch payments and multi-currency payments. This will allow us to reduce complexity and free up resources to support our customers and clients even better."
Ronald van der Horst
Product Owner Online Payments of Knab

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logo DFM
"Our industry requires us to work closely with our clients and react to their evolving finance requirements. With Worldline as our partner for processing Instant Payments, we value their flexibility and future-proof services that we can, in turn, use to better support our customers".
Jeroen Notmeijer
Managing Director of DFM and Branch Manager of Volkswagen Bank

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logo UniCredit
"As a tier 1 bank active in different European countries, we rely on support from a supplier with both scale and a cross-European presence in order to address the challenges and opportunities our customers are facing. In the past two years, Worldline has proven their Open Banking capabilities by providing cost-effective reach across Europe and enabling the services that our customers require. In addition, we are currently also building further on the opportunities that arise from PSD2 and Open Banking”
Luca Corsini
Head of Transactions and Payments at UniCredit

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The Centrale Bank van Curaçao en Sint Maarten, in collaboration with Worldline and the local commercial banks, has implemented the basic infrastructure for Instant Payments.

"The introduction of IP is the result of our ambition to modernize the technological infrastructure in Curaçao and Sint Maarten. This way, we are better prepared for future developments in the world of payments. By partnering with an IP processor from the Eurozone, we can easily connect to other countries at a later stage.”
Leila Matroos
Executive director of the Centrale Bank van Curaçao en Sint Maarten

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The commercial banks of Lithuania and their representative, the Lithuanian Banks' Association (LBA), have contracted Worldline to install 100 new ATMs.

“It was decided to install ATMs in all areas where technical possibilities allow, as the most convenient way for the population to withdraw cash. The signing of the agreement with Worldline is therefore a significant step in the successful implementation of an initiative that is important for all of us.”
Dr. Eivilė Čipkutė
President of the Lithuanian Banks' Association (LBA)

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“We chose Worldline for its capacity to process industrial-scale transaction volumes. We have started developing an innovative digital identity product with Worldline, which will be ready by middle of 2021. During the past 15 years, we have multiplied transactions and expanded our digital product variety together with Worldline thanks to our trusted partnership.”
David Ostah
Managing Director at PSA Payment Services Austria GmbH

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“When Boursorama clients wish to invest on the financial markets, their instructions must be transmitted via the Trading Centre solution (WL Trade Order Management). The aim is to provide them with a real-time view of their portfolio. Boursorama has been working with Worldline for 25 years, and the quality of the service received is what has convinced us to renew the trust that Boursorama has in Worldline.”
Laurent Védeilhié
Director of IT & CDO at Boursorama Banque

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“As a payment card issuer, BuyWay had to implement a solution to secure its customers' internet payments. This solution had to meet the technical standards specified by the supervisory authorities and, in particular, include a two-factor strong customer authentication solution. Together, we were able to design a technical solution that is perfectly integrated into the various systems and processes for authenticating and authorising transactions.”
Vincent Mercenier
Head of Compliance at BuyWay

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“The EPC has established the SPL scheme to facilitate European cross-border P2P payments. In this process, equensWorldline has been a reliable and innovative partner during the service implementation and participated actively in the continuous improvement of the service.”
Etienne Goosse
Director General of the EPC

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"We are pleased to partner with Worldline to offer continuously improved services to our customers. Worldline is a trusted partner with a solid track record that will support us in unifying and upgrading our ATM network. Luminor has entered a new stage in our development and working together with one of the world’s leading service providers will enable us to keep enhancing our customer experience."
Peter Bosek
CEO of Luminor

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"We are proud to be the first bank in Belgium to offer our customers this new and easy way of paying. It was a challenging project that could only be realised thanks to the good collaboration with equensWorldline, among others. Customers with a wearable can now pay for their purchases safely and conveniently in a very user-friendly and stylish way. Contactless payments have been on the rise since the corona crisis. Where previously one in five payments were made contactless, today we see that one in two customers pay contactless."
Ivo De Meersman
Director of Payments & Cards KBC Belgium

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"We are very pleased with the successful go live with Instant Payments. This is a big milestone for us and marks the end of big project. With Instant Payments we meet the increasing demand of our customers to be able to exchange money and process payment instanly, allowing for almost immediate transfer of money between bank accounts."
Sander Fronts
Director  LeasePlan Bank

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“For an outstanding customer experience, the purely digital and thus fast and user-friendly issuing and processing of our card products by equensWordline is an important building block. For example, customers will be able to use the digital version of their Visa debit card for mobile payment right after opening their current account. Additional services can be added flexibly for immediate use. Together with equensWordline, comdirect has succeeded in significantly increasing the user-friendliness of our mobile current account once again.”
Thore Ludwig
Managing Director Banking at comdirect

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“As a cooperative bank, Rabobank wants to contribute to the long-term growth of individuals, sectors and society as a whole. The reliable services of equensWorldline form a strong foundation for our work. This strategic cooperation supports us in further delivering on our mission.”
Nico Strauss
Tribe Lead B2B Services at Rabobank

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Gold Davinci logo
“We needed a partner with genuine Blockchain industry-grade projects in the field, which we found in Worldline, that has collaborated completely with us in the design and development of our IT platform and private Blockchain, and we have benefited enormously from the knowledge and expertise of their highly skilled teams."
Roger Kinsbourg
Founder, Chairman and CEO, at Gold Global

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“In the twelve years of our cooperation, we have always been able to rely on a competent team and stable payment transaction processing at equensWorldline. With their expertise and deep understanding of our operational processes, equensWorldline allows us to focus on strategic issues and the expansion of our customer relationships. This was one of the determining factors for our decision to extend our partnership.”
Wolf-Rüdiger Braun
Head of Operations at LBBW

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“Due to our long-standing collaboration with equensWorldline we successfully implemented the PSD2 APIs and received the exemption from the fall-back mechanism. Being granted an exemption demonstrates the high level of quality and security of the solution provided by equensWorldline, which is a solid basis for innovation to explore further open banking capabilities.”
Mark Hakkenberg
Board member and Chief Operating Officer, Banque de Neuflize OBC

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“With Google Pay, we offer our customers a modern payment method that is simple, fast and secure. In doing so, it was important for us to integrate well-known services such as our banking app into the user experience. With equensWorldline, we have a long-standing, innovative and reliable partner at our side that is needed for such a complex project.”
Thorsten Reyer
Project Leader Mobile Payment at Commerzbank

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“We selected the Instant Payments Back-Office Processing service, because equensWorldline offers outstanding value for money, a fast time to market and has a track record in offering demanding and critical services". Next to the simple and transparent price structure, we value the modular and future-proof concept of services. With this flexibility we can focus on items where we really can make a difference to our clients.”
Terry Smit
Manager Payments & Savings at de Volksbank

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“Just like us, equensWorldline always puts the customer first. Important factors in our decision for this partner were the seamless continuation of transaction processing and the ability of equensWorldline to rapidly carry out bank-specific projects. Other criteria included its expertise in the card business, fast response times and flexible support.”
Željko Kaurin
ING-DiBa board member

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“We want to modernize our payments infrastructure in order to improve efficiency and be geared for the future developments in the payments industry. Based on its excellent track record, experience and readiness for Instant Payments, the choice for equensWorldline was evident. (…) We are pleased and proud that, by partnering with equensWorldline, we will be the frontrunner for the implementation of Instant Payments in the Caribbean.”
Mrs. Jeanette R. Semeleer
President of the Central Bank of Aruba

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“This project aims at strengthening our leadership position in cash management by offering our customers a modern, secure and instant payment method that will support the development of our innovative digital banking offerings. We chose the Worldline solution because of the relevance of its functional scope and of our successful experience using the Cristal platform.”
Rémi Tanon
Head of Innovation and Market Infrastructure Projects at BRED Banque Populaire

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