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Combine in-store and online payments into one tailored, omnichannel customer journey.

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Good for you. Great for customers.

Worldline One Commerce is built around your business and your ambition for growth, helping you become the architect of your omnichannel world. It unifies in-store and online payments into a seamless customer journey, tailored to your needs and across the entire payments ecosystem. We give you the power to offer new payment methods, value-added services and new buying experiences.

Omnichannel payments help you engage with your customers, keep them coming back and help attract new ones, whilst à la carte acquiring means you can choose to work with your preferred partner and get the best possible fee for every transaction. Worldline One Commerce also makes life simpler and helps you expand into new markets. ​It really does help you achieve more.

Seamless experiences create loyal customers.

Our omnichannel payment solution gives you a golden opportunity to create seamless customer journeys and enhance every experience. Fully flexible, reliable and tailored to your business needs, our offer allows you to create your ideal vertical solution with new payment methods, optimised acquiring, payment devices and online integration​, all through one pan-European payment solution. 

Turn ways to pay into an opportunity.

Giving your customer more ways to pay is crucial if you’re to achieve your growth ambition. With Worldline One Commerce’s omnichannel payment system, you choose the payment methods your customers prefer​. That could be local or international cards like Visa or Mastercard. Alternative payment methods including Apple Pay, Google Pay, Alipay, WeChat Pay, private cards and many others. You’re giving the gift of choice.

Drive engagement. Build business.

Payment is likely your most valuable touch point of all – and we help you make the most of it. New payment methods and value-added services during payment – such as Buy Now, Pay Later – can directly lift your sales. And even after payment, features such as customer surveys and loyalty cards can boost engagement.

À la carte acquiring. On the menu for the first time in Europe.

À la carte acquiring is here for the first time in Europe and it’s a big, big deal. It means you get the best possible fee for every transaction, plus crucial support for any foreign expansion plans by allowing you to work with either your preferred acquirers or just Worldline Acquiring through just one platform. That choice alone can mean some delicious savings.

See clearly. Plan with confidence.

Because we’ll give you a full view of your operation via one reporting system, you’ll always be informed. Regardless of countries, channels and payment methods, you see real time customer insights that can drive your business forward. Customisable reports can be easily integrated into your IT infrastructure. Fast analysis of merchant activity through KPIs​ is available. There’s also financial reconciliation for acquirers​. 

Your seamless customer journeys starts today.

Watch to learn more about how we can help you create seamless omnichannel customer journeys and enhance every shopping experience, online and in-store.