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Machine learning

Advanced business intelligence systems create and monitor real-time transactions. Generate behaviour maps, monitor patterns in sales data, and identify any anomalies that could indicate fraudulent activity before a transaction is completed.


Device fingerprinting

A key tool in credit card fraud prevention. Identify users or devices and be alerted to their return to your site, even if using a different IP address, browser, or untracked cookies.


Cross-merchant intelligence

We develop negative databases of previous fraudulent user profiles from other merchants that we work with, allowing us to spot fraudulent users across merchant pages.


IP geo-location tracking

As well as identifying fraudulent users, we can pinpoint where they are located in the world and spot them when they arrive on your site in future.


Merchant-controlled rules

Tailored transaction or behaviour rules exclusive to your site or payment process. Merchants are alerted when these rule conditions are broken to identify fraudulent activity.


Industry and sector-specific risk profiles and rules

Tailored transaction or behaviour rules based on our industry and sector experience. Merchants are alerted when these rule conditions are broken to identify fraudulent activity.


Personal support

Our approach is personal, not virtual. You are assigned a dedicated fraud manager to provide ongoing risk management – a unique feature of our merchant fraud detection services. This means regular and reliable 1-2-1 contact with our experienced in-house fraud team.

Manage chargebacks, boost conversion

Processing credit card and direct debit payments is essential to any e-commerce business. However, it also puts your business at increased risk of chargebacks and the resulting false positives on your bottom line. Worldline’s chargeback management combines AI and advanced reporting and insight, with the support of dedicated fraud experts, to ensure you minimise fraud and maximise revenue.

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