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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection

Smarter. Simpler. Better.

A next generation hybrid fraud solution beyond
what traditional rules or advanced machine learning alone
could achieve.

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Worldline & Microsoft

A trusted partnership to help prevent fraud and empower your business

A trusted partnership top help prevent fraud and empower your businessA trusted partnership top help prevent fraud and empower your business



Increased accuracy

Detecting as much fraud as possible while not impacting legitimate consumers


Operational efficiency

Enhanced reporting for optimizing operational workflows together with analysis of your fraud health


Customizable screening

Adaptable to emerging trends while remaining aligned to your business strategy 

Core technology

Adaptive AI technology

Learning and adapting to ever-changing fraud patterns and enabling you to optimize your fraud detection.

Fraud protection network

Empowering machine learning and providing broad awareness of fraud activity across the globe.

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Core offering


Hybrid fraud screening model

Running traditional static rules, advanced machine learning, or a combination of both



Risk appetite

Establishing the right balance between customer friction and fraud detection rate


Payment methods

Allowing you to access all card products and a selection of alternative payment methods provided by Worldline*


Single integration

Single onboarding for both Worldline’s payment services and Microsoft’s fraud protection



Device fingerprinting

Fully integrated device intelligent services free of charge 


Manual review

Serving you with a single platform for fraud check, decision and reporting 



Enabling you to manage your fraud strategy at any level of the hierarchy! 


*Local payment methods and alternatives are coming soon 

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection

Discover Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection, a hybrid fraud solution that delivers elevated accuracy and efficiency. 
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Stepping up the fight against a surge in online fraud

How worldline can empower merchants with the most futureproof fraud technology. 
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