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The power of live

Imagine that you are the one who missed that live event everyone is talking about. Yes, sure you can watch it later, but you’ll miss the experience of being part of that moment. This is the power of live. Probably one of the reasons why Live Shopping in e-commerce is on the rise. A seamless and simultaneous combination of online shopping, live-streaming and social media that you just don’t want to miss. 


Presented by Worldline powered by Livescale

Together we can achieve more. That’s why we’ve partnered with Livescale to offer a digital tool that optimizes Live Shopping events with a simple payment solution. Using an in-video checkout function, consumers can seamlessly purchase products without having to leave the interactive live experience. We offer a hassle-free integration which results in the same online store, but with higher overall sales. Speaking of sales...


15,000 lipsticks sold within 5 Minutes

Yes. This is true. It happened during a livestream event hosted by Austin Li, a.k.a. “King of Lipstick”. If it was up to us he would be called “King of Sales”. Selling 3,000 lipsticks every minute is just; WOW. This example shows the beauty of Live Shopping in China. Pun intended. The numbers speak for themselves. More than 50% of Chinese consumers shop this way. And globally 47% say (in 2020) they would buy products directly from live videos. Livescale reports that live shopping can increase brand sales 3 to 6 times and customer acquisition rates up to 40%.

It’s clear that Live Shopping is here to stay.

We are here to help

Live Shopping will provide a new shopping experience for your brand to build a community while generating more revenue with your online presence. Our integrated purchase tool not only assists live shopping experiences—it helps you to create them.


Instant Checkout

Consumers complete purchases without having to leave the experience.  

All-in-One Solution

Orders, payments, inventory connected directly to your online store. 

Brand Ownership

Personalize video designs to match with your brand identity. 

Same Store, Higher Sales

Live shopping can boost conversion rates up to 39%. 

Led by fashion, growing across other categories

While Live Shopping is widely popular in the fashion and beauty industry, any brand can start a Live Shopping event. Actually, the next big thing could be your brand hosting one.


From fashion show to profit show

From electronics to electrifying sales

From healthy habits to healthy profits

From make-up to sales up


Seeing is believing

With Live Shopping, the shopping experience becomes part of the very live stream events consumers don’t want to miss out on.



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We believe the time is now. Let’s turn a successful trend into a successful event for your brand. This is why we’ve created the product guide about Live Shopping. Learn how, understand why and get to know what’s needed to create a successful live event for your brand.
Download the product guide to go live.

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We can help you succeed with a new way of shopping that is impossible to ignore. Book a demo and we’ll show you how to turn your brand into a live shopping experience. Together we can accelerate your conversion rates and boost your sales.

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