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Solutions for your Points of Sale


Engage your customers and upgrade their checkout experiences with simpler, secure and more innovative ways to pay. We have developed a large range of terminal products to respond to your business needs and future plans whatever your sector, from in-store to outdoor: countertop, portable, mobile, unattended and much more.

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Acceptance & Acquiring

Accept major international and local payment methods with a standardised payment system, and reduce operational costs for cross-border payments.

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Digital Store

Deliver mobile purchasing experiences in-store and offer self-checkout and new seamless shopping experiences to your customers. Make your employees’ lives easier with digital tools to reduce administrative work and automate processes.

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Increase customer loyalty and satisfaction by offering tailor-made solutions, including powerful purchasing experience and ability to borrow at competitive rates. Keep your customers loyal with reloadable gift cards, closed loop payments or existing loyalty programmes enhanced with new services.

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Reinvent your business with the first all-in-one Android-based payment terminal

Your business can benefit from intuitive state-of-the-art terminals, offering a range of payment methods and a streamlined checkout experience with high-speed, secure transactions opening up opportunities for new store models.




Reinvent unattended payments with the first all-in-one Android based payment terminal

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Worldline's game-changing business facilitator for merchants

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Smart Self for Vending

An evolutive solution dedicated to vending to improve customer journeys in all unattended environments.

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