WL Scan &  Pay’s Unique Differentiators

A customizable user interface combined with a back office adapted to your stores operations.
An easy integration into your system, Scan&Pay has the potential to expand your digital capabilities after implementation.


No App Needed 

  • Only a simple QR code scan for your customer to launch your Scan&Pay directly on their smartphone
  • Customers can conveniently access your self-checkout solution within seconds

White Label

  • Shape Scan&Pay around your brand, customize the look without another brand stamped on it 
  • Build brand loyalty by showing customers your digital innovations, better their experience

Your Data Privacy

  • Be the only person to benefit from your data 
  • All data information regarding store sales is kept by you

Your Customer’s Mobile Device
as a Self-Check-out solution

Did you know how many customers selected an item in a store, just to renounce it once they see the line for checking out?
76%, that is a large percentage of sales leaving the store. Turn the most frustrating part of the shopping experience into a stress free easy one.


With long term customer trends of convenience and recent short term health procedures, customers want more efficiency in their customers purchasing journey. A 100% contactless and accelerated self check-out is an innovative service guaranteed to increase in your sales and customer turnover. Optimize your peak-traffic hours in your store through 4 simple steps:

1. Scan Personalized QR Code Store and launch e-store in web browser
2. Scan product’s EAN Codes with a smartphone camera. Add to your basket with up-to-date catalogue and prices.
3. Validate your basket. Pay online through Scan&Pay and receive an e-receipt.
4. A secure exit with security checking the purchase, exiting with QR Code,  or confirming without checking 


  • Protect your people and your clients
  • Eliminate unnecessary check out space
  • Differentiate your employees customer service


Worldline Scan&Pay – Our contactless self checkout solution

WL Scan & Pays is a web application opened in less than 4 seconds from a smarphone that allows your clients to scan your products in-store, pay from their mobile and eliminate waiting lines at the checkout.


With an expertise in digital integration with solutions such as digital wallets and Omni-channel products, Worldline’s team has the experience and information to personally consult with you on your future payment strategy. Contact one of our experts.


Feature Details


Progressive Web App

Available Now

  • Cross-sell
  • Multiple languages
  • Loyalty credits and coupons
  • Customer Accounts


Planned features

  • Off-Line mode
  • Article Search Engine
  • Call a seller 

Back Office Management

Not only do your customers get an interactive application but you get detailed data displayed to you, helping you find value in your data

Available Now

  • List of Orders
  • Search an order
  • Orders detail page
  • Suspicious Basket Management


Planned features

  • Advanced stats