Contract extension: equensWorldline is ING-DiBa's preferred partner for card business

Paris — 09 / 01 / 2018

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La Défense, Paris, France

We are pleased to announce that equensWorldline and ING-DiBa are extending their partnership to the end of 2020. equensWorldline handles the technical processing of more than two million Visa debit cards and supports the bank in implementing its comprehensive digital banking strategy. In addition, equensWorldline supports the chargeback services, fraud management, as well as technical handling of the payment process at around 1,300 ING-DiBa ATMs.

equensWorldline's long-standing expertise in the card business and processing was one of the compelling arguments for ING-DiBa's continuing the long-term partnership. Fast response times, flexible support and equensWorldline's expertise in implementing bank-specific projects with a focus on the end customer were equally convincing.

Thanks to newly designed interfaces – including web interfaces – from equensWorldline, ING-DiBa's processes can be further simplified, leading to more efficient processing. In this way, equensWorldline is also supporting the implementation of ING-DiBa's digital banking strategy.

ING-DiBa and equensWorldline have been cooperating in the fields of issuing and acquiring for almost 20 years. The extension and expansion of the existing partnership reflects the competence of equensWorldline to provide innovative, secure and reliable payment solutions. ING-DiBa also relies on equensWorldline services at an international level. For example, in addition to supporting the credit card business in Germany, equensWorldline also operates a platform to process online payments in the iDEAL standard for the Dutch parent company ING Group and nearly for all Dutch banks.

Wolf Kunisch, COO and Deputy CEO at equensWorldline: "We already have a long-standing customer relationship with ING-DiBa. We're delighted to be their processing partner. In the future, we will also contribute to our customer's digital banking strategy with faster, improved and more streamlined processes."

Željko Kaurin, ING-DiBa board member: "Just like us, equensWorldline always puts the customer first. Important factors in our decision for this partner were the seamless continuation of transaction processing and the ability of equensWorldline to rapidly carry out bank-specific projects. Other criteria included its expertise in the card business, fast response times and flexible support."

This news was announced in a press release issued by Worldline [Euronext: WLN], the European market leader in payment and transaction services.