Banco BPM selects CRISTAL Instant Payments

Paris — 24 / 09 / 2018

Stay ahead in the payments industry with Worldline's press release from September 24th, 2018. Read more and stay ahead here.

La Défense, Paris, France

Today Worldline issued a press release, announcing Banco BPM has selected the CRISTAL licensed software package.

CRISTAL IP fully supports the Instant Payment standard established by the European Payments Council and natively offers connectivity to market infrastructures such as EBA CLEARING RT1 and the ECB TIPS. It has demonstrated high performance capabilities and has been designed to ensure time to market development of new payment products for all types of clients.

Worldline solution for Banco BPM includes the provision of interfaces in order to smoothly interact with Banco BPM platform and provide clients and users with the best experience. It also includes systems integration services that will enable Banco BPM IT teams and users to rapidly and securely take over operations of the solution.

Key criteria for Banco BPM decision were the demonstrated performances and flexibility of the software package, which secure the platform’s long term compliance with future market developments and transaction volume ramp up, as well as the reduced total cost of ownership which makes CRISTAL IP the most relevant solution on the market and will facilitate Banco BPM return on investment.

Finally, Banco BPM has successful project track records with Worldline and CRISTAL software, whether when implementing a comprehensive proactive liquidity management engine or when meeting the Target2-Securities deployment deadline. The same partnership already secures the platform implementation and completion of the project objectives in due time.