Lithuanian Banks' sign contract with Worldline

Paris-La Défense — 22 / 02 / 2021

The commercial banks of Lithuania and their representative, the Lithuanian Banks' Association (LBA), have signed a contract with Worldline to implement the Memorandum of Understanding signed earlier this year with the Bank of Lithuania on increasing the availability of cash. After assessing the feasibility of installing ATMs in different parts of the country, it plans to install 100 new ATMs by July 2022, the list of which will be published on the new website

"Agreeing on the project's progress and formalities was crucial this year to allow the supplier to order the necessary equipment and plan the implementation in advance. In addition, the discussions led to the decision to install ATMs in all areas where technical possibilities allow, as the most convenient way for the population to withdraw cash. The signing of the agreement is therefore a significant step in the successful implementation of an initiative that is important for all of us," said Dr. Eivilė Čipkutė, President of the LBA.

"The project continues to run smoothly and the supplier of the new ATMs is now clear. This means that practical work on the installation of cash access points will be able to take place so that by 1 July next year, residents of the regions will be able to withdraw money from their accounts more easily and conveniently," said Gediminas Šimkus, Chairman of the Board of the Bank of Lithuania.

"This is an important and unique project, bringing together the major banks and credit institutions in Lithuania. We are pleased to be able to contribute to the implementation of the project and appreciate the fact that the partners trust our team's experience," comments Zanda BrivuleJansone‑, Worldline's Head of Financial Services for the Nordic and Baltic region.

The exact list of locations for the new ATMs will be announced after the supplier has carried out a feasibility study.

Customers of all financial market participants that have signed the Memorandum will be able to withdraw money from the new ATMs under the same conditions as from their own bank ATMs. The ATMs will be clearly marked with their logos.

Additional ATMs are planned to be installed by the middle of next year in 100 locations around the country where ATMs or other cash dispensing facilities are currently not available. The expansion of cash access points is focused on areas with a population of up to 4 000 inhabitants. Therefore, following the implementation of the Memorandum, cash withdrawals will be available in at least 191 cities and towns in the country.

Currently, there are 1,044 ATMs, over 2,200 Perlo terminals, and cash dispensing services are also available at the cash desks of partner banks Maxima, Iki, Rimi and other stores, as well as at Narvesen and Lietuvos Stasa kiosks, with a total of about 4,000 points.

In June this year, the financial market participants signed a Memorandum of Understanding and agreed to ensure that, within one year, at least 90% of the Lithuanian population will have a cash withdrawal point (ATM or equivalent) within 10 km of their declared place of residence, or up to 20 km for 99% of the population.

The expansion of the ATM network will be monitored on an interactive map created by the Bank of Lithuania.


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