Worldline makes it easier for companies to enter the Metaverse

With a shopping mall as a white-label solution, it is possible for companies in all industries worldwide to create an initial presence in the Metaverse. Worldline has welcomed 9 stores – a mix of banks, merchants, service providers and partners

La Défense, Paris — 09 / 03 / 2023

Worldline, a global leader in payment services, enables merchants, banks and service providers to easily enter the Metaverse. In the future, the Metaverse will be another retail commerce channel alongside POS and e-commerce. McKinsey estimates the global market volume of Metaverse commerce between 2 and 2.6 trillion US dollars by 2030*. Worldline's white-label solution gives companies, without their own Metaverse presence, the opportunity to prepare for the Metaverse now and gain initial experience.

Worldline launches the new shopping mall in Decentraland on March 8th with the first 9 stores, including the German direct bank Consorsbank, The Chedi Andermatt, a Swiss luxury hotel, and Naked Life, a non-alcoholic spirits brand from Australia. This white-label solution is suitable for any company developing a Metaverse strategy and looking for a cost-effective way to get started. Worldline is here to help them in this innovative approach.

Easy entry into the Web 3.0 world

In the Worldline Shopping Mall, retailers, service providers and banks can build up a presence in Web 3.0 in a simple and modular way to test how their own community reacts to it and how the potential of the Metaverse can be tapped into.

The starter package contains many useful features for a Metaverse newcomer. It offers store tenants the proven Worldline payment function - with or without cryptocurrencies - as well as a powerful set of advertising services. Optional add-on packages - including Target Advertising, Phygital Products and Augmented Reality - help stores and products achieve greater visibility and create an innovative customer experience. Worldline relies on strong partnerships for the add-on packages, with 42Meta (target advertising), Metyis (phygital products) and Threedium (augmented reality), all market leaders in their respective segments.

Virtual pilot project with convincing result

The decision to open a shopping mall in the Metaverse was preceded by an extensive test operation. For this purpose, Worldline set up a showroom in March 2022, where well-known brands from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Croatia and Australia were presented on a monthly basis. This one-year test run achieved such convincing results that these companies now want to continue their commitment with their own presence in the shopping mall.

This is also the case for Chedi Andermatt, a luxury hotel in Switzerland: “The Chedi Andermatt is recognized for being a pioneer or more precisely a trendsetter for new and innovative approaches in the luxury hospitality industry. More and more guests prefer the uncomplicated opportunities that the online world entails nowadays. Thus, we are confident that in the future, the tourism and hotel industry will be just as unimaginable without the Metaverse as is online shopping for fashion,” says Jean-Yves Blatt, General Manager at The Chedi Andermatt.
“We are delighted to be one of the first banks in Europe to open a location in the Worldline Mall in the Metaverse. As a pioneer in digital direct banking in Germany, it is our goal to be curious and innovative in our approach to our customers and to adapt and explore modern technologies at an early stage. It is therefore a logical step to be present in the Metaverse along with Worldline as a technology provider,” says Svenja Weith, Head of Tribe Banking at Consorsbank.

Sascha Münger, Metaverse Expert at Worldline, says
: “We believe that the Metaverse, alongside stationary point of sale and e-commerce, is the sales channel of the future. The decision to open the Worldline Shopping Mall reflects this vision. For well-known brands in particular, our virtual shopping mall offers an ideal precondition for venturing into the Metaverse with a clear conscience at low cost.


Worldline [Euronext: WLN] is a global leader in the payments industry and the technology partner of choice for merchants, banks and acquirers. Powered by 18,000 employees in more than 40 countries, Worldline provides its clients with sustainable, trusted and innovative solutions fostering their growth. Services offered by Worldline include instore and online commercial acquiring, highly secure payment transaction processing and numerous digital services. In 2022 Worldline generated a proforma revenue close to 4.4 billion euros.

Susanne Stöger

Susanne Stöger

Head of Communication Merchant Services / Head of Communication DACH Region
Hélène Carlander

Hélène Carlander

Group Head of External Communication

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