The Worldline Scientific Community identifies and analyses key trends in society, business and technology. By predicting how these trends will evolve, the community creates valuable strategic insights for our customers, helping them to prepare for this future.

The community is personally chaired by Worldline’s CEO and Deputy CEO, and is made up of diverse technology and business experts from across the group.



The World after COVID-19

Based on research and some visionary insights from an international team of experts across Worldline's global business lines, this paper shows how the pandemic is accelerating existing trends in business and technology and creating a "new normal" for all businesses.

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Harnessing AI to achieve hyperautomation in payments

The advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) has enabled businesses to automate increasingly complex tasks. Building on Worldline’s strategic research programme, this paper sets out the primary technologies and use cases for hyperautomation in payments.

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What could a deep transformation of payments look like?

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From automatic to autonomous payments - can “things” pay?

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One size does not fit all: Merchants need modular solutions to face all challenges

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What is the financial institutions’ answer to Libra?

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APIs are the key to the survival of banks as ‘platforms are eating the world’

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Can the incumbent financial services industry remain relevant in the era of platformization?

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