TRUST 2025 : Our new 5-year transformation programme

01 / 10 / 2021

Based on the success of its TRUST 2020 CSR transformation programme, reflected through a high level of achievement, Worldline is now proud to announce the launching of TRUST 2025, its new 5-years CSR roadmap. Discover our new CSR ambitions and commitments for a more sustainable development.

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Since its IPO in 2014, Worldline has been committed to a voluntary Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach reflecting compliance, transparency and a high level of engagement within its ecosystem. Building on the success of its TRUST 2020 programme, which has enabled the company to achieve encouraging results on all its CSR issues, Worldline is now launching its TRUST 2025 programme.

This new edition aims to confirm and accelerate the progress made in terms of CSR, by covering new issues linked to the evolution of market trends and the Group's growth strategy, by raising the level of ambition and commitment and by establishing stronger governance.

Worldline intends to maintain its CSR leadership in its sector for the years to come, by applying ESG best practices and involving all its stakeholders in this approach in order to create a positive impact for its ecosystem and our society and our planet at large.

TRUST 2025: our new CSR ambition to create a more sustainable value

Over the past two years, by publishing its sense of purpose, redefining its corporate values, redesigning its brand and launching its new CSR transformation programme TRUST 2025, Worldline has demonstrated its commitment to embedding trust at the heart of its activities and relations within its ecosystem. Strongly supported by the Company's management, this integrated approach now enables the company to respond effectively to all of its CSR challenges and to boost its CSR performance and capability in a very pragmatic way.

TRUST 2020 has revealed as a key enabler for mobilizing our whole organisation around the 13 objectives to be achieved by 2020 in our Group’s CSR strategic axes in the areas of business, people, value chain & ethics and the environment. The associated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), representing commitments with specific and measurable targets, have been a strong catalyst to transform our Company in a more sustainable way and has proven to be a real success.

By launching its new TRUST 2025 transformation programme, Worldline has the firm intention to confirm and accelerate the momentum in terms of CSR progress, performance and leadership around the 9 following ambitions :

  • Guarantee delivery excellence and utmost quality of services
  • Enhance customer experience through positive impact solutions
  • Foster people development, well-being and engagement
  • Promote fairness, diversity and inclusion for more equality & performance
  • Rise up Sustainable procurement practices within our value chain
  • Endorse ethics and confidence in all our activities
  • Contribute to carbon neutrality
  • Offer eco-designed payment terminals aligned with circular economy
  • Help our local communities

TRUST 2025: our new CSR roadmap to accelerate performance, progress and leadership

TRUST 2025 is the subject of a set of 19 new objectives to be achieved within the next 5 years in the areas of data protection and security, social innovation, well-being at work, diversity & inclusion, skills & careers development, human rights, ethics, sustainable procurement, as well as the fight against climate change through the reduction of GHG emissions, the circular economy and the protection of biodiversity, as well as the development of local communities.

The dashboard below presents the full and detailed picture of our TRUST 2025 commitments and associated KPIs and 2025 targets.





Platforms secured & available

Quality score – Contracts’ & Platforms services availability & response time

c 99.99%

% of data subject’ request answered in time and in compliance with Worldline privacy policy*


% of ISO 27001 certified sites according to the security policy


Customer experience & innovation

Customer Net Promoter Score**


Revenue contributing to Sustainable Development Goals in €m


Talent attraction & retention / People diversity

Average number of Training hours per employee per year


Employee satisfaction as measured by the Trust Index of the Great Place to Work® survey


Improvement of % of disabled people in the countries with target


% of women within the management positions

 35 %

Sustainable procurement / Ethics & Compliance

% of suppliers evaluated by EcoVadis with a score below 45 having an action plan to solve critical findings identified


% of total expenses assessed by EcoVadis (out of critical/ strategic suppliers expenses)


% of alerts investigated and related actions plan defined within 2 months


Climate change

CO2 emissions reduction (scope 1,2, 3a) (to be revised after SBTi update validation due to scope change)


% of CO2 neutralised emissions for scope 1,2, 3a


Terminals & Circular Economy

% of PVC-free new terminals range sold


% of sold terminals with display including energy-saving mode (allowing 20% energy consumption reduction)


% of terminals offer (with printer) which is compatible with the digital receipt solutions where authorised by regulation


% of terminals offered with recycled packaging material


Local communities

Volume of yearly donations collected by providing company support to charity in €m


TRUST 2025: our new CSR common direction to level-up our responsibility towards our ecosystem

Given this new roadmap, the next short term steps in our TRUST 2025 journey will be to involve all our employees around the globe in this approach through a specific and dedicated onboarding plan in order to raise awareness, mobilize also federate all our Worldliners community around our key CSR challenges.

This collaborative dynamics should enable us to take in charge new expectations of our stakeholders, to comply to new regulatory requirements and to get some agility to apply the best practices in order to create even more value for our whole ecosystem by:

  • Onboarding everyone in the long term to act even more in an integrated way;
  • Providing a global picture on our financial and non-financial  performance aiming at creating sustainable value for our ecosystem;
  • Strengthening each year our CSR performance for a long term progress;
  • Continuing to reinforce our credibility and efficiency regarding CSR key challenges in the payment industry.

With this new level of CSR maturity representing a major step for our Group, we aim at reinforcing our competitive advantage and leadership  through an integrated model and a sustainable value creation.

To learn more about our TRUST 2025 Programme and discover our new ambitions, please read our dedicated PR, our Integrated Report 2020 or visit our CSR dedicated webpage  on our corporate website.

For more information about Worldline CSR journey, feel free to contact us at

Sebastien Mandron

Sebastien Mandron

Worldline CSR Officer
Sebastien Mandron began his career at PwC before joining Atos Group in 2003, where he was responsible for three major transformation programs dedicated to improving operational performance, business performance and employee well-being. In 2011, he joined Worldline to accelerate the company's transformation and support the IPO in 2014. In July 2014, he was appointed CSR Director with the objective of structuring, organizing and developing the company's CSR strategy by involving all stakeholders. He is also responsible for Real Estate and Facility Management within the Group. In parallel to his functions, Sebastien Mandron was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Club of Sustainable Development Directors. In 2020, he joined the Board of Directors of Global Compact France. Sebastien Mandron holds a degree in economics from Paris Assas University and a Master's degree in Financial Engineering from the Sorbonne University.