e-Payments Challenge 2023

Co-create the future of payments

Live event

29 - 01 / 12 / 2023


Paris, La Défense


Shape the future of payments

The e-Payments Challenge is Worldline's annual hackathon, embarking on an inspiring co-innovation journey alongside Worldline's valued customers, partners, Fintechs, and startups. Every year, our esteemed customers collaborate with innovative fintechs and startups, uniting their efforts to swiftly create solutions for the ever-evolving payment challenges. The hackathon aims to expedite the innovation-to-market cycle, fostering sustainable partnerships that bring benefits to all participants.

This hackathon serves as a platform for Worldline and its ecosystem to co-work, co-innovate, and leverage Worldline's extensive resources to drive the development of cutting-edge payment solutions and shape the future of payments

This year's edition is a 6 months hybrid journey and will offer an onsite and online experience, allowing every participant to join the challenge. So buckle in because the future of e-Payments is just around the corner. Worldline is offering you a front-row seat to innovation.

Begin the journey now and join us in Paris for
the Worldline e-Payments Challenge finals on November 29th, 30th, and December 1st!


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