How Buyway Became The First Card Issuer In Belgium To Offer A Psd2 Compliant Authentication Solution

01 / 06 / 2021

Following the implementation of PSD2, payment players in Europe had to comply with new demanding security standards. How BuyWay became the first card issuer in Belgium to offer a PSD2 compliant authentication solution?


Following the implementation of PSD2 at the end of 2019, payment players in Europe had to comply with new standards aimed at securing online payments and access to bank accounts.  Like all players in the ecosystem, BuyWay in particular has had to be agile in order to meet the regulatory requirements and associated technical standards accurately.

Vincent Mercenier, Head of Compliance at BuyWay: "As a payment card issuer, BuyWay had to implement a solution to secure its customers' internet payments. This solution had to meet the technical standards specified by the supervisory authorities and, in particular, include a two-factor strong customer authentication solution," After studying various internal and external solutions, BuyWay decided to turn to a partner to meet the regulatory deadlines and simplify the implementation of RTS (Regulatory Technical Standards). "Worldline's solution was proposed by our historical partner SIX Payment Services Europe, with whom we work in close collaboration.  "We felt that Worldline offered the optimal solution according to our criteria, meeting most of our expectations and mitigating many constraints. "

The WL Trusted Authentication solution, which is fully compliant with PSD2 requirements, provides a simple way to implement strong customer authentication with a PIN code or the use of biometrics, which allows for a very simple and intuitive user experience.

"The solution has really delivered on its promise, offering our customers the ability to authenticate themselves in a single action, once they have accepted this possibility, via faceID or fingerprint biometric authentication"

Monitoring and expertise to enhance the customer experience

This large-scale project required very close collaboration between the stakeholders, sometimes requiring adjustments to better meet BuyWay's expectations. "These analyses and exchanges have very clearly highlighted a long-term vision that will enable us to continuously improve the user experience, for all our customers, whether they are Belgian residents or not, whether they prefer to surf on a tablet or a computer, whether they carry out transactions via a mobile application or a web browser, at any time and in any place. " Having started in February 2020, the project had to follow a strict timetable to enable a September 2020 roll-out of the solution for BuyWay.

In the beginning, "several workshops with Worldline experts were necessary to help us identify the information needed for a start-up. Mercenier. "We appreciated the responsiveness of the project team and the commitment they showed to help us achieve our goals. " The collaboration took place in 4 main stages:

Monitoring and expertise to enhance the customer experience

BuyWay's vision for customer authentication

Despite high strategic stakes and a very high level of technical complexity, BuyWay was able to seize the opportunity underlying the evolution of the European payment ecosystem to modernise its technical architecture and improve the user experience. "Together, we were able to design a technical solution that is perfectly integrated into the various systems and processes for authenticating and authorising transactions," adds Vincent Mercenier. Buyway now wishes to extend the use of the solution beyond  3DS payment (in particular for sensitive online banking and electronic signature operations), or other channels, by studying the usage of WL Trusted Authentication for browsers.

Paul Jennekens

Paul Jennekens

Head of Marketing, Worldline Financial Services
Paul has been working for this company since 2006. He has gained extensive experience in the payments field in various roles including Head of Product Management. In his current role as Head of Marketing at Worldline Financial Services, he is responsible for developing and implementing the marketing strategy and tactics with the main objective of becoming the leading payment processor towards financial institutions in Europe and beyond.