eIDAS 2.0 and its impacts on businesses: Insights from Identity Week 2024.

Discover the key insights following our participation at the Identity Week 2024: how eIDAS 2.0 will impact and change our ecosystem

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Group picture at the ID Week 2024 fair

In June 2024, Amsterdam hosted Identity Week 2024, an event that brought together over 4000 attendees and 250 exhibitors. This unique gathering provided experts from all sectors with an opportunity to engage in discussions about the ever-changing landscape of digital identity. As a sponsor of the event, Worldline seized this opportunity to showcase its expertise in digital identity with through three speaking engagements and a booth demonstrating Worldline solutions. In this blog, you will discover the challenges facing the ecosystem and how Worldline can help its customers in addressing them.

Our inaugural roundtable on Digital Identity in Financial Services.  

The panel brought together representatives from Rabobank, VISA, OpenWallet Foundation, Select ID, and Worldline for a comprehensive discussion on the implications of digital identity within the banking ecosystem. Claire Deprez Pipon, Lead manager on Authentication & Security, represented Worldline as a speaker, providing valuable insights from the perspective of a service provider. She explained that the challenge with digital identity lies in its lack of maturity and interoperability. This has prompted the European Commission to introduce a Digital Identity Framework, including a Digital Identity Wallet that should be issued for free to all European citizens by Member States. Financial services are already well deeply involved in the Digital Identity area landscape in Europe, with numerous  initiatives already in place, such as iDIN in the Netherlands, BankID in the Nordic countries, PSA ich.app in Austria, b.connect in France, it’sme in Belgium, among others.

Factors affecting adoption include :

  • Security: users want assurance that all their personal and identity data are secured and safe.
  • User experience : users want a simplified user journey.
  • Acceptance by service providers: in the case of method payment, adoption is facilitated only if merchants propose it. Wallet issuers are making significant efforts to gain acceptance by service providers, known as relying parties within eIDAS 2.0. They also aim to convince them of the benefits of using wallets beyond mandatory use cases.

Today as highlighted in the panel, we are seeing an increasing number of  initiatives aimed at converging payment and identity. For instance, the consortium EWC, one of the four4 consortia mandated by the European Commission to test wallet use cases acrossndifferent countries, has chosen to test the acceptance of digital identity wallets for payment scenarios (including card and account-to-account payments). Worldline (and VISA) are part of EWC’s payment workgroup of EWC and are working on defining the requirements for digital identity wallets memb to gain acceptance in payments.

Of course, when  discussing the acceptance of  digital identity wallets for payment, it is not just a matter of technical requirements. There are also challenges related to banks’ responsibilities, as they are currently liable for fraud under PSD2. If banks accept digital identity wallets for payment, it means they would have to contact Member states in case of claim or fraud.

Discover the impacts of eIDAS 2.0 and the implementation of European Digital Identity Wallets (EUDIWs) on the car rental experience.

In this insightful 15-minute session, Etienne Plouvier, Business Development Manager, presented a demonstration highlighting how EUDIWs will impact the user experience. The demonstration focused on a concrete use case in the car rental experience, demonstrating the verification process required before initiating the payment transaction. Users are redirected to their digital identity wallets where they can select different attributes: identity attributes (such as driving licence and proof of residence) and payment attributes (including payment methods). The goal of this use case is to improve security while simplifying the user experience. This session also provided a firsthand look at how Worldline is forging its place within this evolving ecosystem . Dive deeper into our use cases, and  be sure to explore our latest video demonstrations here: Worldline Global | Use cases for Digital Identity Hub.

Exploring the convergence between ID & Payment in Travel use cases.

The convergence of  identity and payment is accelerating generating significant interest among attendees. Our moderators, Niels De Schutter (Worldline) and Laurent Bailly (VISA) - both members of the EUDI Wallet Consortium (EWC) - engaged in a 50-minute open dialogue with various stakeholders.They discussed challenges and opportunities presented by new eIDAS regulations for travel-related use cases, including payment . Several examples of such use cases were discussed, including the ones explored by the EWC consortium in the framework of the EUDIW Large Scale Pilots. Several questions regarding the technical implications were addressed, often referring to the EUDIW Architecture Reference Framework (ARF). This official document, currently published by the European Commission in version 1.4, is still evolving, with further details, particularly concerning payment use cases, yet to be finalised.

In conclusion, our participation at Identity Week 2024 provided an important opportunity to showcase our expertise and solutions while engaging with stakeholders in the market. Throughout the event, our experts highlighted key topics such as the impacts on the banking ecosystem, the convergence between identity and payment, and the focus on EUDIWs and the travel industry with members of the EWC. These sessions fostered concrete discussions with market stakeholders. If you are interested in exploring how eIDAS 2.0 will impact your business, we invite you to delve into our insightful whitepaper on the subject (Worldline Global | Unleashing the potential of Digital Identity).

We take the opportunity of this event to present Worldline Digital Identity Hub, a comprehensive solution, designed to streamline digital identity adoption between relying parties and wallets, which was a focal point of Worldline’s presence. Explore more about this solution here.

Additionally, addressing the event's significant focus on fraud and security, we showcased our Digital Security Suite solution, our AI-machine learning solution for device intelligence. 

If you're interested in discussing these innovations further, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts.

We are eager to explore the impacts of eIDAS 2.0, how digital identity can improve current processes and increase customer conversion rates, and how Worldline can support your business. 

Cassandra Neron

Product Marketing Manager, Authentication Services, Worldline

Claire Deprez-Pipon

Lead Product Manager, Identity Trust & Authentication at Worldline

Niels de Schutter

Investment & Innovation Director