Innovation & Experience Centre (IEC)


What is the IEC?

Situated in the Worldline HQ in Tour Voltaire Paris La Défense, the Innovation & Experience Centre (IEC) is a 550 sqm. state-of-the-art venue delivering immersive experiences to demonstrate Worldline’s latest innovation as well as what the future of payments holds for all of us.


The IEC was built to foster co-innovation among people, businesses and technology, but also to disrupt and transform.


It is a space to welcome you, and connect with you on a more meaningful level offering you the possibility to discover and experience Worldline’s best technology and its range of innovative and ground-breaking portfolio of products and services.

What’s on offer at the IEC?

Show, don’t tell! is our motto, as the IEC is all about showing you in real-life situations the solutions we are currently developing on our journey to remove all friction in the payment experience. We are on a mission to make customer experiences always more immersive, intuitive and interactive across all channels.

We invite you to visit the IEC to experience:

  • Immersive experiences of products and services in real-life scenarios and connected user journeys.
  • Modular and inspiring spaces for workshops & events.
  • Immersive &  interactive technologies deliver that wow factor.
  • Co-innovation and workshop facilitation services.
  • A dedicated team of creative enablers.

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