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Authentication & Security Solutions

All the tools you could possibly need to make your operation watertight and fully compliant.

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We put safety first.

When dealing with sensitive data and handling payments, you need strong digital security measures that fit seamlessly within your user experience. We offer world-class secure payments, authentication and anti-fraud solutions that protect from fraudulent activity and meet both local and global regulations so that you - and your users - can rest easy. 

Solutions for different sectors

Use cases

Digital identity
Authentication and security use cases - digital identity
Online banking
Authentication and security use cases - online banking
E-commerce transactions
Authentication and security use cases - e-commerce transactions

Our authentication and security portfolio

  • Trusted Authentication

    An easy way to implement SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) on any device through a simple and intuitive user interface using multifactor authentication.
  • Digital Security Suite

    Digital Security Suite solution provides local and remote protection of all your devices and channels whilst preventing fraud and protecting user experience.
  • Access Control Server

    A complete solution to prevent fraud while supporting a large number of authentication methods and risk-based analysis.
  • Token Management

    Token Management is a solution for issuing banks to act as an “Issuer Token Service Provider” and enable their cardholders to benefit from token-based payments in stores, in apps and on the web.
  • Fraud Management

    Fraud Management is Worldline’s set of fraud prevention tools and services. Discover how we’re helping banks beat card fraud one transaction at a time.

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