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Stock Market Data

Empower your investors with real-time stock market data.

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Collect, aggregate, and distribute global market data

The success of online financial services is closely linked to the quality of market data and the associated processing tools. To address this business requirement, we connect to the main stock exchanges and data providers, to offer the collection, integration, processing, and distribution of market data to the applications and medium of your choice.


  • • Collects and aggregates market data from the major global sources: regulated markets and fund profiles, news, analysis, consensus, ratings
  • • Real-time distribution through various channels such as Web, Web services, Mobile and IVR
  • • Can be provided as a white-label front-end application
  • • Can be implemented on a stand-alone basis, as a component of the Digital Banking Platform

Value for clients

  • • Connected to the main stock exchanges
  • • Scalable state-of-the-art platform
  • • Compliant with regulations (e.g. MiFID)
  • • Our long-term expertise: more than 20 years’ experience of working with major actors in the European financial markets