+40 years

transport and payment market experience

+€16 billion

of travel tickets currently sold p/a

15 major cities in the world

use our fare collection system

Bringing benefits for everyone


Our transport solutions offer a wide range of benefits to the end user, including simplified access and payment for seamless multimodal journeys. Worldline’s solutions also ensure that travellers only pay the best-value fare and provide users with a single account to manage transport usage, making it easier for users to keep track of their journeys.


Transport operators benefit from improved customer experience and satisfaction, resulting in an increase in the use of public transport. Our transport solutions also enable enhanced data collection to help operators improve efficiency and reduce operational costs by improving revenue collection.

City and transport 

Worldline’s transport solutions benefit the whole city by providing simplified access to public transport and integrated mobility services (bus, metro or city transit systems, train, parking, car sharing, bike sharing, etc.) that make it easier to get around. City authorities also benefit from enhanced audit and control processes. This results in lower cost as well as in city’s carbon footprint reduction.

Our transport solutions

Mass transit engine

With WL Tap 2 Use combine Open Payment, Mobility as a Service and ID Based-ticketing, to improve and simplify travels around the city. Based on modular end-to-end features, allow travelers to plan, access and pay for their multimodal journeys in a more convenient way as part of a seamless transport and payment experience.

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Payment gateway & acquiring

Worldline innovative payment solution deliver security, speed and flexibility, while supporting the transport industry in opening up additional revenue opportunities. Our solutions are easily integrated into any ticketing platforms (validation equipment) and payment environments (banks and acquirers), and compliant with all security standards.
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Worldline and its large range of terminal products respond to your business needs and future plan, from in-store to outdoor. Certified for both payment and transport, our terminals are developed for a full security and a long-term lifecycle.
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Mobile Services

Is your business sufficiently agile in the mobile sphere? Worldline has the key capabilities to define, build and manage the lifecycle of mobile projects for both end-to-end and specific services.

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