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Instant Payments

Are you looking for fast and efficient Instant Payment solutions? We are geared to support you: from payment initiation and channel solutions, to back-office processing and clearing & settlement.

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Payments Processing 

Payment processing is a fundamental service for banks. However, it is also commoditized and highly complex. Let us help you simplify your back-office payment processing, increase efficiency and ensure easy compliance. 

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Clearing & Settlement

Extend the reach of your payment services with our reliable and secure Clearing & Settlement solutions. Ensuring low operating costs, our high-capacity system is ready for new technological developments and regulatory changes.  

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Trusted Transactions

Are you looking for smart and secure solutions for digital identity, electronic payments and e-mandates? We can help you to address the complexity and growing competitiveness of the e-commerce world.

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Open Banking

Do you want to seize the opportunities that arise in the platform economy of retail banking and payments ? We help banks and TPPs (third party providers) to offer access-to-account services, allowing them to reap the benefits of PSD2.

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Payment & Liquidity Hub

Optimise your payment and liquidity management with our proven solutions. We are ready to support the required modernisation of your infrastructure with our modular payment & liquidity management software package.

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How to reduce the complexity of payment processing

Payment processing is a core service that banks provide to their clients. But, due to increasing market demands and regulations, it is becoming more and more complex. As a result, many financial institutions are reconsidering their business strategies. They need to determine how to consolidate their payments IT landscape, how to offer Instant Payments with a 24/7 availability and real-time processing, how to ensure compliance, and most importantly, how to improve efficiency and decrease costs. 

Do you recognize these challenges? If you want to stay competitive and remain compliant in a secure and cost-efficient manner, our services may be just what you need. 

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How to maximize the benefits of Instant Payments?

Instant Payments offer tremendous value for all parties involved. But the instant processing of payments comes with serious challenges for banks. In less than three minutes the movie shows the main opportunities and challenges related to Instant Payments, and the solutions we – being the expert leader in the European payments industry – offer to our clients.

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