Three new members join EDPIA

EDPIA welcomes Aircash, Buckaroo and HiPay as new members

Brussels — 12 / 01 / 2021

Today, the European Digital Payments Industry Alliance (EDPIA) is pleased to announce the membership of Aircash, Buckaroo and HiPay, from Croatia, the Netherlands and France respectively, thus strengthening and diversifying EDPIA’s voice for the European payments industry. These new members will provide further support to EDPIA’s continued purpose of contributing to EU policy developments that further the understanding and development of a vibrant European digital payments industry.

La Défense, Paris, France
“On behalf of EDPIA, I warmly welcome our three new members. We are happy to grow our membership ensuring that we also amplify the voices of more European players in the ecosystem. We look forward to working with them in providing concrete and impactful contributions to the ongoing discussions between EU policy-makers and the wider stakeholder community on the future of digital payments in Europe.”

Gilles Grapinet, President of EDPIA, welcomed new members to EDPIA

Aircash is a licensed EU electronic money institution and an IT financial platform headquartered in Croatia. It is a mobile wallet that enables payments, money transfers, online accounts’ deposits and purchasing of digital goods&services within major Retailers & Merchants in CEE region. For more information:

Buckaroo is a Dutch payment service provider offering more than 40 national and international payment methods such as credit cards, pay-later and alternative payment products. Buckaroo also offers Subscription & Credit Management and Market Place (split) Payments to its customers. For more information:

HiPay is a global payment provider, headquartered in France, which through its platform helps its users to get more value from their payment data for all the sales channels. For more information:

About the EDPIA

The European Digital Payments Industry Alliance (EDPIA) represents the interests of European independent Payment Services Providers. Its purpose is to contribute to EU policy debates that define the business environment for electronic payments, and to strengthen the visibility and understanding of the European payments industry amongst policy makers and society as a whole. EDPIA’s broader objective is to support the EU’s objective to create a Digital Single Market, fuelled by digital payments. It is in favour of a strong, stable and properly enforced European regulatory framework that enables intense competition between transparent and market-based solutions, allowing them to compete for the trust of their European and global clients. EDPIA’s current areas of focus include the EU Commission’s Retail Payments Strategy and the impact of COVID-19 on Payments Service Providers.

Press contacts:

Thibault Jacobs

Trygve Ilkjær, Chairman of EDPIA