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Navigating local nuances, multiple currencies, international growth, regulations, customer experience, scale, complexity and so much more. Read our customer stories to see how our payment solutions have helped businesses just like you overcome their challenges and deliver growth and success.

Michel Reybier Hospitality was eager, in particular, to provide the best guest experience possible in terms of speed and convenience with regard to its restaurants. The goal was to innovate with digitalisation in order to optimise and improve the guest experience, since many consumers today prefer not to call a restaurant to book a table or to wait for the bill at the end of a meal.

How SmartBuyGlasses experienced exponential growth with Worldline.

Embracing a new full-service payments approach with Worldline has enabled SmartBuyGlasses to launch rapidly into 15 new markets, with a full understanding of local payment landscapes. The leading global e-tailer of designer eyewear has also streamlined all payment processes into the preferred currency with dramatically simplify reconciliation.

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Enabling new services and more growth opportunities for UniCredit.

Our partnership with UniCredit allows customers to connect their accounts with other banks throughout Europe via one single application programming interface (API). This means UniCredit can offer Account Information Services (AIS) and Payment Initiation Services (PIS), whilst opening up a range of business opportunities.

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Welcome to the digital era of public health services.

GIE SESAM-Vitale is paving the way in the digitalisation of healthcare with new digital ways to access public health services in France. Read how we are supporting GIE SESAM-Vitale in its bold digital transformation project that will deliver the benefits of digitalisation to millions of public health users in France.

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“We were looking for a single provider for all payment processes in a hotel – and Worldline’s integrated hospitality solution covered all our needs. This partnership has allowed us to grow our business and provide guests with an exceptional service, whilst Worldline handles payment services.”

In this case study of payment solutions, you’ll see how this boutique hotel boosted bookings with a new end-to-end payments solution that covers all hotel activities and delivers even better guest experiences.

“We couldn’t imagine better people to work with. This partnership has helped us concentrate on making life easier for our customers and growing our business, whilst Worldline handle our payment services efficiently and seamlessly.”

This payment case study shows how this fast-growing family vending business cut costs and drove growth when it embraced digitisation and moved its vending machines from cash to card.

“We needed to provide a complete and seamless customer experience: this became possible with Worldline. In the whole user experience, the payment is the final phase and we needed a reliable payment partner who could help us guarantee a successful customer journey from beginning to end.”

In peak periods, the online costume shop Funidelia receives hundreds of thousands of orders in just a few hours. They chose to work with us for our expertise, responsiveness and ease of integration.

“We were looking for a partner who could help us penetrate new markets by offering data driven insights and streamlining payment processes. Partnering with Worldline and embracing their full payments service has helped us to achieve that ambition.”

In this payment case study, see how SmartBuyGlasses experienced exponential growth, launching in 15 new global markets since embracing a new full-service payment approach.

“Worldline helped us switch from retail to online games. With much more data coming in you have to ask the right questions and understand what the data is saying. Then you can make game-changing decisions. With Worldline Insight we have a huge amount of data and know how to put it to work.”

A customer story that explores how global games maker Square Enix uses digital payment data to deliver on growth ambition. 

“We are in Belgium and sell our Trappist internationally online for in-person collection; we never ship. With sales open only twice a month for two and a half hours and a limit on number of beers visitors could buy, we needed a stable, reliable platform.”

Saint-Sixtus brewery has a specific distribution model with limited products so needed an extremely reliable set-up to go online. We delivered.

“Worldline’s pedigree and global experience means they are the perfect partner to support us in providing the best possible local service in each of our markets. Without them we wouldn’t have realised the growth we have already achieved and would not be able to continue our upwards trajectory.”

See how the world’s second largest travel booking company boosted revenue and secured a ticket for global expansion with Worldline.

“Thanks to Worldline, all payments can be done in a secure environment that exudes trust and works flawlessly. This way, buyers don’t drop out during the payment process, even in the final stage of the purchase. Worldline also offers a stable platform; this is necessary as we often expect a peak in sales when we launch new products. Cross-channel sales are also possible. For example, we showcase part of our range on Instagram, and through that channel customers can go directly to our payment page.”

Koert Kamp, Social Media Marketer, COPA Football

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