How upgrading its ATM network helped Luminor boost customer experience and cut costs

Luminor is the leading independent bank in the Baltics and the third-largest provider of financial services in the region, serving the financial needs of both individuals and companies. Just like its home markets of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, Luminor is young, dynamic, and forward-looking. This case study explores how our partnership with Luminor harmonised and transformed the bank’s ATM network. Originally, Luminor’s ATM network was different across Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. The new, unified and optimised network now offers a smoother and more customer-friendly service, while helping Luminor be more competitive.

woman using atm machine and cell phone

A unified ATM network. Superior customer experience

Luminor’s ATM network was previously operated using different models across Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. In some countries the bank fully owned the ATMs while in others it outsourced them to service providers. Luminor’s objective was to harmonise the network to make it more efficient and to give its customers a consistent, unified and highly convenient service across the Baltics.

That’s where we stepped in.

“Our partnership with Worldline supports us in offering continuously improved services to our customers through unifying and upgrading our ATM network. Working together with one of the world’s leading service providers enables us to keep enhancing our customer experience.”

Peter Bosek, CEO of Luminor 

The solution

Quick upgrade. Impactful and long-lasting results

We worked hard to optimise Luminor’s ATM network,  to keep costs under control thanks to our ATM Management services. This customisable ATM-as-a-service solution is designed to help businesses reduce the time and money spent on maintaining their ATM network and helps them control the overall costs.

The upgrade kicked off in June 2021 by transferring Luminor’s ATMs in Lithuania, which were previously outsourced, to their network. We completed the switchover in September 2021 across the entire Baltics. In August 2022, we then focused on upgrading and replacing the oldest ATMs.

This has resulted in an enhanced customer experience and substantial cost savings for the business.

The results

Improved customer experience, lower costs

  • One unified network across the entire Baltic region
  • Seamless switch for customers
  • Enhanced customer experiences across the region
  • Cost savings for the business
  • More contactless cash transactions through the upgrading of the network
“Working with Luminor to transform its ATM network is a great example of how hard work, drive, experience and expertise can go a long way to turn an ambition into a reality. We will continue to innovate and aim to make more cash transactions contactless, as well as accessible without a card, in the safest way possible. It has been an honour to be able to use our expertise to upgrade Luminor’s ATM networks across the entire Baltic region.”

Zanda Brivule-Jansone, Head of Nordic and Baltic region, Financial Services at Worldline

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