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We work together with several platforms, Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), and system integrators in different industries and geographies to create complementary payment solutions. Join our partner network to reimagine the future of payments, reach more customers and boost payment performance.

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A best-in-class growing community

Worldline is continuously building a vast ecosystem of partners to build and deliver superior business advantages based on best in class technology: a growing community that will enable us to bring together more value to our customers while combining technical assets, innovation capacity, talents and geographical reach.

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Algoan ›

Worldline has partnered with Algoan, a leading credit scoring provider, to jointly develop a next-level credit assessment solution to help lenders and services providers make better credit decisions.
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A3BC ›

Worldline joins forces with A3BC to provide higher levels of protection by combining A3BC technology with Worldline Trusted Authentication, thereby enhancing safety and user experience for your customers. 
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Copsonic ›

Worldline and CopSonic are working together on ultrasound communication to improve security, within services related to Mobile Payments and ID Management.
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CashSentinel ›

Worldline and CashSentinel have partnered to provide a payment solution tailored to meet the requirements of Swiss and European online marketplaces.
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Fexco ›

Worldline and Fexco partner to bring Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) and Multi-Currency Pricing (MCP) services  to a wide range of businesses  across Europe.
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Intercope ›

Worldline have partnered with Intercope to provide a highly available, secure and scalable platform for Financial Messaging - the Worldline SWIFT Service Bureau.
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Limonetik ›

Worldline have collaborated with Limonetik to create a Marketplace payment platform to automate the settlement split between sellers and to perform commission calculation and currency conversion.

LyfPay ›

Worldline integrates Lyf Pay, an innovative and secured multi-service mobile payment application for customer relationship management.

meniga ›

Worldline and Meniga join forces to empower banks with advanced financial tools, combining personal finance management with conversational banking and data analytics.
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Worldline and signed a partnership to offer to corporate cardholders a seamless experience for smartly managing expense policies on corporate cards.
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Worldline joins forces with Online Payment Platform (OPP) to facilitate best in class payment journeys with seamless onboarding, split payments and escrow features on European online platforms and marketplaces.
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OneVisage ›

Worldline and OneVisage are collaborating to take pay-by-face system on the road bringing 3D facial biometry solution for hotel check-in and payment that consumers can totally control.

P3 Financial Group ›

Worldline and P3 Financial Group come together to make P3’s PSAAS (Payment System as A Service) operational in the EU and Nordics offering real time commerce and payment service across the market.
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Serrala ›

Worldline and Serrala join forces to enable biller merchants to reach their customers via any channel with payment requests.
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Skaleet ›

Worldline and Skaleet start collaborating to offer card issuing & core banking facilities to Fintechs and Neobanks.

Visa ›

Worldline plays different roles in its relationship with Visa: acquirer, certified processor, technology partner, Token-services provider, approved partner of the Visa Ready for Transit programme and integrator of Visa Checkout to the Worldline PSP platform.
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Mastercard ›

Worldline integrates and deploys MasterCard’s™ digital platform for online and mobile payments to offer simplified online and mobile shopping experience for merchants and consumers in all countries operated by Worldline.
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Diners Discover

Worldline plays different roles in its relationship with Diners Discover: acquirer, certified processor and technology partner.

Union Pay

Worldline plays different roles in its relationship with Union Pay: acquirer, certified processor and technology partner.


Worldline plays different roles in its relationship with JCB: acquirer, certified processor and technology partner.


Worldline acts as processor and reseller in various markets.

Adobe ›

Worldline joins the Adobe Cloud Signature Partner Program to offer Cloud-Based Digital Signature services, enabling users to digitally sign documents within Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Sign.
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Ecolytiq ›

Worldline partners with Ecolytiq to raise banking customer’s awareness of their environmental footprint by offering a comprehensive Sustainability-as-a-Service solution.
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MAINSYS Engineering ›

Worldline and Mainsys partnership aims at supporting neo-banks, fintech’s and other new small banking players in order to rapidly launch a turnkey end-to-end account & payment card solution on the market
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ToshibaTech ›

Toshiba partners with Worldline as a sales channel for Merchant Services Business Line including payment terminals in Europe and Asia Pacific.

Bureau Veritas ›

Built on Worldline's blockchain technology, Bureau Veritas has launched Origin, the world's first traceability label to give consumers a complete end-to-end proof of a product's journey, from farm to fork.
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WhatsApp Business ›

Worldline is a Business Solution provider for the distribution and provision of WhatsApp Business Platform; allowing businesses and clients to build meaningful conversations all over the world, in a simple, secure, and reliable way, in one of the most widely used messaging channels worldwide.
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Everything your Merchants need

  • Single partner for merchant acquiring, POS terminals, eCommerce & more!
  • Makes your life easier to work with one partner to address all your merchant needs

Grow Revenues

  • Transparent, flexible & competitive pricing
  • Bundled products that helps with market

All about Efficiency

  • Smart merchant on-boarding tools
  • Faster merchant activation & conversion
  • Advanced sales tools to capitalize on!

True Industry Leader

  • Best practices in enabling payment adoption across all segments of the market
  • Strong focus on R&D, Innovation
  • Active in the M&A space

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aduno ›

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avera ›
Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia

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Black Rock ›
Middle East

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edps ›

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nixor ›
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania

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poplatek ›

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tavanbogd ›

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tyro ›

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verifone ›
Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden

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3cpayment ›
Europe, Middle East and USA

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Let’s work together to grow your business


We are dedicated to helping you reach more customers, boosting payment performance and providing support in your daily work. Our goal is to combine our offers and work hard hand-in-hand to deliver the highest quality of service to your clients.


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Payment Facilitators

As a Payment Facilitator, finding the right acquiring partner is key to your success. So here’s what to look for: Do your potential partners have the influence and relationships to efficiently advocate for you with the card networks? Do they support all the currencies and international payment methods you will need in the foreseeable future? And can they support both e-commerce, mobile and POS? With Worldline, the answer is always yes.
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Programme benefits:

  • 24/7 support —  Priority support from our team of experts for you and your customers.
  • Dedicated partner manager —  Count on your partner manager to provide advice & support.
  • Insights & data — Get insights and data from our dedicated performance team, which help improve your customers' performance.
  • Payment expertise — Stay up to date with the latest news and regulatory changes, and get help with configuration, payment flow optimisation, and fraud expertise in your local language.
  • Training & workshops — Learn everything you and your team needs to know about our solution and enjoy exclusive payment training opportunities.
  • Lead generation and co-marketing — Reach more customers via Worldline’s ecosystem and be rewarded for the referrals you make.

Worldline & the Fintechs, a win-win relationship

Fast, flexible acquiring solution for agile Payment Facilitators

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