Elevating Service Efficiency: Boscolo Hôtels & SPAS Group's transformation with Worldline’s Integrated Payment System.

It all began in 1978 with a small hotel situated on the Italian beach of Sottomarina, near Chioggia. Over 30 years, the Boscolo Hôtels & SPAS Group, named after the Venetian family that founded it, established a strong presence. The group, renowned for its core values centered on art, hospitality, and Italian luxury, boasts two prestigious locations in Nice and Lyon.

Boscolo Lyon Grand Salon

Each House, steeped in history, exudes a distinct atmosphere evident in every detail. The luxurious five-star Boscolo Hotel & SPA Lyon, renovated in 2019, now offers a chic transalpine experience at the heart of the Lyon peninsula. Let's delve into how our assistance helped Boscolo Hôtels & SPAS Group streamline their guest experience, boost bookings, and enhance operational efficiency. Continue reading to explore our approach in delivering services that elevate operational efficiency and ensure a top-notch customer experience for guests.

Responding to challenging day-to-day payment needs.

The Boscolo Hôtels & SPAS Group aimed to enhance operational efficiency and reduce manual work by implementing an end-to-end integrated payment system.

Recognising the need for a tailored payment solution in the hospitality industry, the Boscolo Hôtels & SPAS Group sought a system capable of improving his hotel activities like pre-authorisations, automatised payments and refunds, and attending Food and Beverage area’s needs. However, finding a solution that seamlessly integrated, in a unique platform with both its property management systems (Oracle Opera and Oracle Symphony) as well as its SynXis e-commerce module to achieve a comprehensive view of customer activity was a challenge.

The new payment system was required to set an omnichannel solution to facilitate both face-to-face and online transactions. Given its status as a five-star hotel, delivering a seamless, high-quality customer experience remained paramount. Streamlining payments and offering multiple payment channels directly impacted customer satisfaction. Through Worldline and SynXis e-commerce solution, Boscolo Hôtels & SPAS Group implemented a dual distance payment solution including payment or pre-authorisation at booking reservation through its website, and a pay-by-link functionality to attend his reservation coming the indirect channel, not linked to the website.

This combination ensure a convenient and secure payment processing for its internal finance, reservation and operations departments. At the same time it allows his guests to take benefits of the largest payment method range from “standard” credit card to “alternative payment methods”, including Dynamic Currency Conversion.

“Together with Worldline we studied our needs, and we managed to find an answer to all our requests. We are therefore proud of this partnership which will help us achieve our most ambitious goals.”

Roberto Boscolo, CEO, Boscolo Hôtels & SPAS Group

The solution

A high-end solution for a high-end payment experience.

We collaborated closely with the Boscolo Hôtels & SPAS Group to enhance their guest services significantly. Our approach involved introducing our Hospitality Suite, a comprehensive solution that caters to all hotel payment requirements, ensuring a seamless experience across all channels. Managing the entire process, we ensured a swift and straightforward implementation of the new solution, minimising disruptions to hotel operations. This resulted in a remarkable increase in operational efficiency and financial guarantees, allowing more time to be devoted to delivering exceptional service to guests for an unforgettable experience.

Since the launch of Worldline's new payment solution, guests have enjoyed the flexibility to pay using their preferred method or mobile wallet, resulting in a smoother customer journey. This payment solution seamlessly accompanies guests throughout their hotel experience, enabling payments at the front desk, restaurant, bar, and spa facilities.

The results

Providing the best guest experience with smoother payments and operational efficiency.

Improved operational efficiency is evident both at the front desk and in the back office, thanks to a simple and hassle-free reconciliation process. This has resulted in enhanced customer service through smoother check-ins and check-outs. The integrated payment solution eliminates manual work, reducing errors in the payment process and offer a larger range of payment methods and functionalities. Additionally, all guest payment data is consolidated into a single source, enabling a highly personalised customer experience.

“Working with Boscolo Hôtels & SPAS Group was an excellent example of how having an integrated payment solution in place can impact operational efficiency and improve financials to support hospitality merchants on their journey to provide a top quality service to their guests.”

Chris Lanckbeen, Global Sales Director, Travel & Hospitality, Merchant Services, Worldline

About Boscolo Group

For more than 30 years, Boscolo Hôtels & SPAS Group has embraced a passion for hospitality as its defining characteristic, blending luxury with a delightful way of living, uniqueness, and tradition. Our hotels are known for their elegance, courtesy, and exceptional hospitality, serving as ambassadors of the Italian lifestyle worldwide. This style goes beyond passing trends, deeply connected to its cultural roots while embodying a cosmopolitan character.

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