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5 e-commerce payment best practices for 2021 and beyond

In this white paper, we explore how you can sharpen your online payment strategy to take full advantage of the “new normal”. Is your e-commerce payment system ready for 2021?

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Harnessing AI to achieve hyperautomation in payments

The advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) has enabled businesses to automate increasingly complex tasks. Building on Worldline’s strategic research programme, this paper sets out the primary technologies and use cases for hyperautomation in payments. 
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Stablecoins, Towards A Trusted Digital Currency

A new wave of innovation is transforming not only how we pay but what we pay with. One could say that the era of the stablecoin is dawning.

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Unicâmbio: expanding business horizons

In this interview, Paulo Jerónimo of Portuguese foreign exchange agency Unicâmbio discusses how the company is deploying Saferpay to help grow its e-commerce business.

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How will we pay? Everything you didn’t dare ask…

This latest briefing by Worldline provides industry insights into how and why payment is changing so rapidly and what these developments mean for banks, merchants and consumers.

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FUTURING PAYMENTS - EDITION #3 – A most unusual year

The world of payments and transactions is changing faster than any of us imagined. 

In the latest edition, we focus on 3 critical areas of transformation: the payment world after the covid-19, fraud and risk management and digital currencies.
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Follow the discussion between Worldline, Cake and Digiteal about Open Banking and discover some innovative market experiences.

Find out how they plan to leverage the PSD2 regulation and the new Open Banking market through aggregation, distribution and orchestration roles.
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