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How we bring the payments technology to accelerate the customers journey

At Money20/20 Europe 2022 conference in Amsterdam, Marc-Henri Desportes sat down with The Paypers to discuss how we bring the payments technology to accelerate customers journey.  
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A sneak peek into the future of payments: Koins and the community

Communities can reward citizens for their positive contributions to society through crypto-currency tokens that can be ‘spent’ to support the local economy.

See how digital currencies can encourage a virtuous circle for societies ›

What we did and how we did it, in 2021

Find out all about how we provided long-term sustainable value for all our stakeholders; the new Trust 2025 commitments that we launched; and other 2021 realisations – financial and non-financial. 

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A payment card on your mobile in 1 click

This new sneak peek into the future of payments shows us an innovative solution where you yourself can issue and activate a virtual payment card instantly via your phone.
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Harnessing AI to achieve hyperautomation in payments

The advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) has enabled businesses to automate increasingly complex tasks.
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How to posıtıon yourself as a company ın the open bankıng market?

Follow the discussion between Worldline, Cake and Digiteal about Open Banking and discover some innovative market experiences.

Find out how they plan to leverage the PSD2 regulation and the new Open Banking market through aggregation, distribution and orchestration roles.
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Navigating Digital Payments

Our new publication Navigating Digital Payments 2021 explores the key trends that will drive innovation in payments. As we head towards a greener future, the key to success lies in reshaping customer experiences to make them more convenient, safe and secure by simplifying the behind-the-scenes complexity.

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