Whitepaper zero trust connectivity for industrial environments


Are you looking to find a better way to secure your assets from prohibited access? Are you worried your VPN-solution is not strong enough against cyber crime threats?

This White Paper provides you with an alternative way to approach connectivity: The concept of Zero Trust has been around for over 10 years but has recently gained momentum with the increasing adoption of cloud services and remote work. Its “Never Trust, but Always Verify” principle has made it a hot topic in the cyber security environment and a very attractive proposition given the complexity of the cyber threats landscape.

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A New Approach to Security

Most companies have been building the foundations of their IT Security Strategy on a “castle-and-moat” security model for decades. With the countless opportunities offered by the digital age requiring access to be managed outside the company walls, the need to reshape cyber security measures in the remote working era is beyond doubt.

Discover in our White Paper, why ZTNA is going to replace traditional perimeter security approaches.

Zero Trust is not only for IT

Unlike IT use cases where remote access is primarily used by employees, use cases in OT often involve third parties (primarily vendors), which induces an increased cybersecurity risk and an even stronger need for access control.

Many other aspects make Zero Trust relevant for OT contexts that you can find in our White Paper.

Useful pointers for implementing your ZTNA solution

Two decades of experience in implementing remote access in OT environments have shown some key requirements in securing connectivity for our customers.

Download our White Paper now to find out all about choosing the right ZTNA solution to protect your assets.

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